Pareidolia Gateway

Let the Pareidolia Gateway open up and take you on a lucid adventure into a terrifying and wonderous Dreamscape; A haunting universe filled with the secrets that connect us back to our Waking Life.

Pareidolia Gateway is Wilfred Lee’s first book. Half-part a graphic novel, half-part a coloring book, it blends itself with different ways to experience it, as well includes a Spotify soundtrack playlist to listen as you read and color in the book.

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Official Soundtrack

Pareidolia Gateway also comes with a free soundtrack available on Spotify. Each song dedicated to its own chapter in the book to enhance your reading and coloring experience.

Chapter & Song Reference

Prologue: Daydream by Radiohead

Shape of a Dream: November by Max Ritcher

The Space Between Dreams: The Spoils by Massive Attack

Welcome to the Deep Dream: I Gaer by Sigur Ros

Umbilical Dream Cord: Spectre by Radiohead

Soul Scavengers: Emotion Sickness by Silverchair

Convergence (Sleep Paralysis): First Encounter by Johann Johannsson

Astral Alitas: Lips to Void by Mica Levi

Dreamer Evoked: Mou Sukoshi Jibun no Koto, Kichinto by Jonny Greenwood

Collapsing Dream: The Beast – From “Sicario” by Johann Johannsson

The Remains of Relics: The Middle of the World by Nicholas Britell

The Soul Collector : There Will Be Blood by Jonny  Greenwood

IV Dream: Im Rauch by Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Portals: Terror by SIE Sound Team

Ethereal Fatalities : Spain by Blonde Redhead

Byzantine Dream: I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar

Deja Vu Dream : Voodoo in the Blood by Massive Attack

The Assassin : Children of the New Dawn by Johann Johannsson

Mermaid Sushi /Dream Montage: Rival Dealer by Burial

Drone Attack : Ocean by Goldfrapp

Meeting the Mistress: FeelingPulledApartByHorses by Thom Yorke

Soul Regurgitation: Lumen by Throwing Snow

Devil Baby: Change (In the House of Flies)

Rebirth: Weigh Me Down by Lorn

Man Reborn: Your Love by Turtle, Mariam The Believer

The Ruins: The Host of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance

Into the Forest: Babylon Berlin by Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer

Enter the Tree: Invitation to the Voyage by Julia Kent

Life Support: Desert Music by Johann Johannsson

Spiritual Machines: Go Slowly by Radiohead

Living Funeral: Stani Mi, Maytcho (Get Up, My Daughter) by Bulgarian State Television Choir

Rebirth: The Beginning: Balloon Escapes by Carter Burwell

Rebirth: Nathan: Says by Nils Frahm

End of the Dream: My Weakness by Moby

Epilogue – Desa: Unravelling by Harry Escott

Acknowledgments: Everything Else by Sugarghost